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About us Overview

Operative Purpose

  • Operative Purpose: Seongnam Migrant Community Service Center will do its best to be a model for center specialized for foreign residents by creating a local community where all are happy and foreign residents receive welfare, rights, interests, and social unification.

Operative Goal

  • Operative Goal: The center will to the following in order to help foreign residents to live with humanity in the world: protect rights and interests of foreign residents; provide opportunities to understand Korean culture; resolve difficulties in life in foreign country; provide educational and cultural programs, consultation, welfare services, adjusted to their demand levels; and prevent issues that can occur with locals in advance.

Detailed Overview

  • Organization Name : Seongnam Migrant Community Service Center
  • Entrusted Corporation : Jumin Church, the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea
  • Location : Jeil Plaza 2nd Fl., 10, Sujeongnam-ro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (3042, Sujin 2-dong)
  • Opening Date : July, 1st, 2013
  • Center Arrangement
    By Floor By Room Area(㎡) Gross Area(㎡)
    2nd Floor 2nd Floor 74.55 596.27
    Hallway 47.29
    Free Clinic 20.84
    Lounge 2.35
    Library/Management Office 12.05
    Consultation/Conference Room 11.24
    Migrant Community Service Center 55.59
    Computer Room 50.95
    Self Group 50.10
    Cooking Class 38.03
    Spare Room 25.32
    Multi-Purpose Room 114.99
    Korean Class 1 37.28
    Korean Class 2 36.79
    Lactation Room 8.21
    Nursery 10.69