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Projects Recognition Improvement


  • This project creates atmosphere friendly toward multi-culture by helping locals' understanding, leading to recognition improvement and social unification.
  • It assists stabilization of livelihood of foreign workers and residents with local residents' sociability, and presents positive image of Korean society.


  • For : Foreign residents, locals
  • Project Period : during 2014
  • Location : Center and Auditorium
  • Contents
    1. Choir club unifies foreign and local residents with various cultures.
    2. Orchestra club presents possibility of integration and unification among foreign and local children.
    3. Multi-cultural lecture shares objective recognition on multi-culture.
    4. Street performance and New Year's Eve Show passionately tries to share recognition on multi-culture.

Expected Effect

  • Locals and foreigners together participate in Choir/Orchestra clubs and perform together, in order to encourage social culture of Seongnam.
  • Locals are provided with objective understanding on multi-culture to assist their coexistence with foreign residents.