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  • Our main purpose is to help foreign workers and residents maintain healthy living in Korea through community activities.
  • As vitalizing culture-participation activities that foreign workers, foreign residents, and local residents can join together, foreign workers and residents will naturally settle as members of our society.


  • Foreign workers & residents
  • Local residents who would like to join cultural/ physical activity with foreign workers' community

Expected Effect

  • Consensus will form among foreign workers, foreign residents, and local residents by promoting vitalization of cultural/physical activities with foreign workers and residents.

Project Content

  • Global Village Festival (event for Together Day)
    • With exiting activities for both local citizens and foreign residents, the festival helps foreign residents in settling and residing as Seongnam citizens.
  • Year-end Party for Foreign Residents
    • Results of education done through programs of Seongnam Migrant Community Service Center is presented to foreign residents and local Seongnam citizens. Foreign workers from various countries also hold this event to spend a new year together.
  • Purpose of Operating Book Café
    • Purpose : Provision of meet-up and information-sharing place for foreign workers and residents
    • Contents : Book rental, Light drinks and snacks
  • Provision of useful information
    • provision of information that are necessary for foreign workers and residents, such as industrial safety, immigration policy, events, etc
  • PR on community sites of each country
    • Leading to participation of more foreign workers and residents in the community with PR of the center's community projects on foreign community sites