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About us Introduction

Welcome all of you to Seongnam Migrant Community Service Center!

Nowadays, we are living in globalization age with 10 millions of cosmopolitans immigrating to another nation a year.

Currently, there are approximately 1.4 millions of foreigners residing in Korea,
and more than 10% of both North and South Koreans are residing in
foreign nations. It is now quite meaningless to divide locals and
foreigners with 'different boundary' of each other. Seongnam-si
has now been 40 years since its formation. The Migrant
Community Service Center is established with private
and public cooperation to improve welfare of foreign
residents by providing services such as consultation,
education, health, cultural program, etc. There are about
28,000 foreign residents in Seongnam. This center will
welcome, protect, support, and connect those who have
come to visit with great hopes. With slogan "We are all
immigrants," the center will lower the threshold and precede
for foreign residents, physically and spiritually.

Chief of Seongnam Migrant Community Service Center